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Make It You Do not Want To Suffer Hypertension

 Maybe you've heard the term hypertension or high blood pressure, but do you know if hypertension is a silent killer silent killer alias, which has happened to millions of people in the world? According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2013, there were approximately 9.4 million deaths in the world due to complications of hypertension. While in Indonesia, the number of the prevalence was 25.8 percent of the total adult population. Therefore, you need to be aware of the dangers of this disease by applying the prevention of hypertension, the blood pressure monitor independently and periodically.
 According to Dr. Rossana Barack, SpJP (K) FIHA, a specialist heart blood vessels, if hypertension is left can interfere with the function of other organs, especially the vital organs, like the heart and kidneys. This makes hypertension as one of the leading causes of death worldwide. That's because hypertension is one of the most influential risk factors on the incidence of heart disease, stroke, and kidney failure. "Hypertension is often asymptomatic, can only be known when checking the blood pressure. Therefore, the best way to detect hypertension is to check the blood pressure independently and regularly," he said in Pfizer Press Circle on Thursday, 23 June 2016. Blood pressure measurements independently and periodically by hypertensive patients at home when it's done deng, an correctly and regularly can better describe actual blood pressure compared to the blood pressure measurements were only done during treatment at a health facility. In addition, early detection of hypertension can reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, and kidney failure. In addition, it can also lower the cost of treatment required to prevent heart attacks and strokes. For that reason, he advised adults to check blood pressure and determine the level of blood pressure. "As no other infectious diseases, self-care can facilitate early detection of patients with hypertension, treatment adherence and behavior of healthy life," he said. If hypertension is not handled properly, he said, would be fatal to the heart, kidneys, brain and cause complications and costs were great as dialysis. Weighing the risk of hypertension based not only high blood pressure alone, but must be seen any other concomitant factors. However, control of risk factors for hypertension can be done by improving the lifestyle, the implementation of healthy lifestyles, such as weight loss. In addition, reducing salt intake, increase the consumption of vegetables and fruits, exercise regularly, avoid stress, not smoking and avoiding alcohol. However, if you already suffer from severe hypertension or can not be controlled with lifestyle changes, it is recommended to take medication regularly to avoid complications.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Simple Ways to Overcome Neck Injury

Simple Ways to Overcome Neck InjuryBy Marita Tassa Fitradayanti
on 22 June, 2016 19:11 pm

Simple Ways to Overcome Neck Injury

Jakarta neck injury (whiplash), occurs when your head moves backward and then forward suddenly. Usually the result of a collision from the rear or the front of the car. This extreme movement encourages neck muscles and ligaments to move outside the normal range.
People affected by a neck injury usually takes 6 to 12 hours to cure, but can also worsen for a few days.
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When to Use Cold and Hot Compress with the Right?
The disease is usually self-limiting, but you can help the healing by means of the following, quoted from WebMD, Wednesday (22 // 6/2016):
1. IceTo reduce pain and swelling, you can compress the neck with ice for 20-30 minutes every three to four hours for two to three days.
2. PainkillersDrinking painkillers must have been recommended by your doctor.
3. Buffer neckFunction neck brace to support your neck is not healed. However, in the tool can not be used continuously because it can weaken the muscles of your neck.
4. Plaster WarmUse the neck injury, once the swelling is gone, could use a warm wet towel or shower with warm water.

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In order Fasting You Maximum Note This Important Things

In order Fasting You Maximum Note This Important Things
Friday, June 17, 2016 15:33
By: dr. Jezzy


Copyright: | Talent: Gaby Elradha Poetry @gabyelradha - If not done well, fasting can be debilitating and dangerous to health. Conversely, healthy fasting can benefit psychologically and physically. To get the maximum benefits of fasting you should first pay attention to the following points. It's like being delivered dr. Jezzy to vemale.

    Physical condition or your health

    Useful addition, fasting can be dangerous if done if the body is not as healthy as fever, anemia, impaired kidney function, diabetes, impaired immune function, certain conditions such as pregnant and lactating mothers. We recommend that you consult with your doctor before fasting.
    Open and the meal with a healthy menu

    Choosing the right pre-dawn meal menu will provide maximum energy so that we can fast without being disturbed due to drowsiness or body weakness. Berbukalah with diet can restore depleted energy reserves during fasting.
    Ensure the adequacy of a well preserved body fluids

    Do not forget to take water or fruit juice to keep the skin moist and prevent dehydration. It aims to provide the necessities of fluids in your body to smoothly move the next day.
    Inadequate exercise

    Exercise can keep working and help the circulation of oxygen flowing in our body. Just do a light exercise fitness and health so that you stay awake during fasting.

Good luck, may your fast running smoothly. Fasting smoothly worship was running well.

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Monday, June 13, 2016

Benefits and Strategies Choosing Health Insurance

Health insurance is one type of insurance products that specifically guarantee for health care or treatment of the member insurance if they experience illness or accident.

Health insurance products held both by social insurance companies, life insurance companies, general insurance companies, and hosted by the Government which is now famous for BPJS. Some insurance companies and life insurance also has marketed health insurance programs with a wide range of variants.

Nowaday, it is felt the cost of healthcare is becoming increasingly expensive. The cost of doctors, medicines, especially for hospitalization costs are costs that must be paid when you or some of your family members stricken with the disease.

Be thankful if you are currently working in a company that already has health insurance program so that it can minimize risks when experiencing pain can be helped by their health insurance program.

Benefits and Strategies Choosing Health Insurance

If you do not currently follow the program suggested that health insurance do not hesitate and be prepared to buy a health insurance plan, because disease knows no age though logically prone to diseases of old age, but the premium paid depends on your age.
Increasing age of the premium paid will be more expensive and more worsen the situation where if you are already experiencing a critical illness, it will be difficult to follow or received in the health insurance program.
Judging from the kind of health insurance in Indonesia consist of a collective health insurance and individual health insurance. Individual insurance specifically designed for individuals or families, while the collective insurance is for companies to provide health insurance to their employees.
The burden of individual insurance premiums are more expensive compared to the collective health insurance. Why is that? It happened because the number of individuals or participants in collective insurance more so when the risk, the claim can be shared equally by all individuals in the group.

Other articles: Definition, Functions, & Insurance Planning

Benefits of Health Insurance

    Helping availability for all needs doctor's fees, medicines, hospitalization, up to surgery. In general, the type of treatment or programs that are available are the benefits of outpatient (Outpatient), hospitalization benefits (Inpatient), labor benefits and dental benefits.
    Benefits of hospitalization (inpatient) that can be enjoyed by the participants of the health insurance covers hospital fees, lab fees, delivery fees, the cost of emergency (emergency service). The dental benefits of prevention, basic dental care, dental care complex, and the installation of dentures.
    Benefits of ambulatory (outpatient) include cost of consulting a doctor or specialist, using prescription drugs, the cost of preventive measures, as well as the cost of assistive devices recommended by a physician. There is a maximum limit of use of funds annually in outpatient benefits.

Third-care benefits mentioned above is an additional option that we can take the following basic program, ie hospitalization benefits. We can not just take advantage of one of these additional options without following the basic program that hospitalization benefits.

The value of premiums to be paid and the value in health insurance coverage depends on the program you choose. Various insurance companies have this kind of program and premiums vary with the details of benefit coverage that is different also.
Replacement or Health Insurance Claims Systems
There are two types of systems that use the system of reimbursement (reimbursement) or system provider. With reinburstment system, insurance participants must use the money in advance to pay for medical expenses, etc. can be claimed or request reimbursement to the insurance company.
Using reinbursment system you have freedom in choosing a hospital, but the maximum cost of replacement has ditentapkan in advance. Melalakukan claim to completeness attached letters of administration which is the main requirement for the reimbursement of expenses that you've incurred to be paid by the insurance company. The length of time depends on the release of funds claim the services provided, but generally range between seven working days.
For the system provider we do not need to spend money upfront. You just simply show a membership card health insurance for health services needed in a hospital or clinic that we agreed upon earlier in accordance with a list of hospitals or clinics that have cooperated with the insurance company.

Choosing Health Insurance
If we look at the moment there are so many insurance companies, need to step and wise strategy. Here are some tips on choosing health insurance:

    Choose an insurance company that has a track record that can be trusted with the product and service excellence. Insurance companies are good, usually have many branches and you can view the news via the media or internet.
    Observe and compare benefits and premiums to be paid, it is recommended choose a product that suits your needs and abilities.
    Learn in advance what kind of service they offer and what benefits you can get. Read the entire article by article in detail, because usually they often include terms that are less obvious or bias meaning.
    Choose the insurance that is based on the economic value of a replacement in case you later need costs for treatment and not as seen from the value of the premiums.
    Follow the collective health insurance program, because the burden of the premium paid will be much cheaper. If your company does not provide health insurance coverage, you can also invite your close friends to join the program.

Friday, June 10, 2016

New York City Takes a Bold Stand on Transgender Bathroom Rights

New York City Takes a Bold Stand on Transgender Bathroom Rights

New York City Takes a Bold Stand on Transgender Bathroom Rights
The New York City Commission on Human Rights has launched the first city-government-led initiative promoting transgender bathroom rights, the Be You campaign.
Image: The City of New York/NYCCHR
Imagine Alicia Keys’ and Jay Z’s ode to the metropolis is playing as you read the following. The New York City Commission on Human Rights has launched the first city government-led initiative promoting transgender bathroom rights, the Be You campaign. Subway cars, phone booths and bus shelters now feature ads endorsing residents’ right to use the restroom that is “consistent with who you are.”
Last month, the Obama administration ordered all public schools to allow transgender students to use the restroom of their preference, regardless of what sex they were assigned at birth. The decision came in the wake of a suit against the school district of Palatine, Illinois by a transgender high school athlete who believed she should be able to use the girls’ locker room — that which aligned with her gender identity. The federal Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights agreed. “Student A” (she understandably kept her identity a secret in court documents) is truly the transgender Ruby Bridges of our time.
The New York City Commission on Human Rights has launched the first city-government-led initiative promoting transgender bathroom rights, the Be You campaign.
Image: The City of New York/NYCCHR
Needless to say, conservative backlash against the Obama ruling was swift and strong, with 11 states suing the administration and some even calling for the President’s impeachment. All over the nation, sides were chosen.
The Be You campaign is New York’s way of affirming its allegiance with transgender rights. The ads, which implore viewers to “look past the pink and blue,” feature transgender New Yorkers and appear in both English and Spanish, the multilingual city’s most frequently spoken languages.
[ Andreja Pejic’s First Cover Appearance as a Women Is Here, Thanks to Marie Claire Spain ]
“Safe and equal bathrooms access is essential for everyone,” said Human Rights Commissioner and Chair Carmelyn P. Malalis in a press release. “And in New York City, it’s the law. We created these ads to remind every New Yorker, cis and transgender alike, that the City protects your right to live and work according to your gender identity and expression, including your right to use bathrooms consistent with their gender identity. Far too often, transgender people suffer bullying, harassment and violence for being who they are. These ads show that transgender people, like everyone else, have the right to use the restroom in peace.”
The New York City Commission on Human Rights has launched the first city-government-led initiative promoting transgender bathroom rights, the Be You campaign.
Image: The City of New York/NYCCHR
The NYCCHR also released a “Myth vs. Fact” infographic on gender identity and expression to educate naysayers who feel that such measures may create an unsafe environment. In reality, it’s more likely violent situations will arise when transgender individuals use bathrooms that correspond to their biologically assigned sex.
Let’s hear it for New York.
[ via the Cut ]
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The Ghostbusters Cast Thrills on the Cover of ELLE’s ‘Women in Comedy’ Issue (Forum Buzz)

The Ghostbusters Cast Thrills on the Cover of ELLE’s ‘Women in Comedy’ Issue (Forum Buzz)

The Ghostbusters Cast Thrills on the Cover of ELLE’s ‘Women in Comedy’ Issue (Forum Buzz)
ELLE‘s recent covers have been generating plenty of buzz, including last month’s issue featuring the lovely Bella Hadid. Now the glossy has dedicated its July 2016 edition to women in comedy — a first for the American title — starring the cast of Ghostbusters, Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon on four different covers photographed by Mark Seliger. Needless to say, our forums were pleased as punch.
US Elle July 2016 : The Women In Comedy Issue by Mark Seliger
“I actually really like this concept and the four covers. I wish Kristen’s pose was a little more natural, but other than that, I like all four,” approved honeycombchild the moment the covers came to light, setting the tone for comments to come.
“Kristen’s cover is the best of the lot. Yet again Melissa’s cover had so much potential, but of course they had to go with a close up. Regardless, I think hers will be the most popular,” assessed Benn98.
Also quick to select their favorite was MON: “Melissa. I’m sold. The overall vibe is typical ELLE: The background… the text. Nothing special. But Melissa!!”
“I’m glad they did Leslie Jones right, she looks gorgeous!” raved a delighted Marc10.
ELLE did well! I’m glad they didn’t hide Leslie in a loose trench or something; she looks awesome,” agreed t-rex.
Expressing the same enthusiasm was ThatGuyPaul, applauding, “Represent. This is great. Love all four of these girls, can’t wait for Ghostbusters.”
LastNight felt the same way, echoing, “Love this! All four ladies look great, it’s fun and energetic and it’s so great to see some new faces on fashion magazine covers.”
“WOW, I love it! The energy is so right for ELLE. Everything is so fresh, fun and chic. It has been about ten months since I bought the mag, but I will this month!” announced a more than satisfied whitewine92.
US Elle July 2016 : The Women In Comedy Issue by Mark Seliger
See more from ELLE‘s debut Women In Comedy issue and let us know your favorite here.
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How To Entertain Like Taylor Swift: SHOP The Loungr Inflatable Chair For 22% Off

How To Entertain Like Taylor Swift: SHOP The Loungr Inflatable Chair For 22% Off

How To Entertain Like Taylor Swift: SHOP The Loungr Inflatable Chair For 22% Off
Courtesy of Instagram

From Taylor Swift to Rihanna, the celeb set can’t get enough of inflatable party must-haves — and neither can we! That’s exactly why this inflatable find is at the top of our wish list — and it’s currently 20% off! Although this chair was originally $89, you can now SHOP it for $69 for a limited time! Don’t miss out.

What says summer better than sipping a cold margarita at a pool party? Nothing.
But, we all know parties can get crowded and unless you want to stand around in those newly purchased pumps all day long, you’re going to want to find a seat.
The Loungr Inflatable Chair is the perfect way to make the most out of pool party season. It’s super portable and you don’t have to worry about hooking it up to a pump or blowing the entire contents of your lungs into it. It inflates with just two scoops of air and can be deflated in seconds.
In addition to ensuring that your feet stay blister free all pool season long, the Loungr Inflatable Chair:
  • Inflates with just two scoops of air
  • Rolls up to deflate
  • Provides optimum comfort with durable ripstop nylon that won’t rip no matter what surface you put it on
  • Allows you to take your lounging on the road. With this chair you can relax anywhere, from water to sand, gravel or grass
  • Stakes into the ground so that you don’t have to worry about it blowing away
  • Comes with a carrying bag complete with a bottle opener
For a limited time, you can get this chair for 22% off. That’s right, get this chair for only $69 while supplies last.
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